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A Proven Track Record of Success

Over the past 20 years we have manufactured and developed a highly successful product range. The current catalogue includes craft for recreational as well as professional users including RIBs, foldable boats and canoes together with a comprehensive range of accessories. Our company is now recognized as one of the market leaders in the field of Inflatable Boats.

Model Range – Continual Improvement

There was nothing ever made that could not be done a little better and this is why we regularly review and update our model range in order to reflect the latest trends in design and safety. We are not a Company that rests on it’s laurels and our policy of Continual Improvement has resulted in many of our models becoming “classics” of their type.

Incomparable pleasure and comfort

In choosing any GRAND model you will not only get a high quality boat, but also the invaluable pleasure of spending time with your family and friends in natural surroundings; as well as appreciating the comfort and outstanding handling characteristics of your GRAND Inflatable Boat.

A wide range of boats

Our range now stands at over 50 models, which together with a comprehensive list of options and accessories means you can select and equip your boat to meet your precise personal requirements. In addition, we offer a wide range of color schemes for the tubes, GRP and upholstery providing you with the opportunity to create something truly unique.

A Totally European Product

Every GRAND boat is built in Europe without compromise in terms of workmanship, materials, engineering and quality. By combining aerodynamic principles with advanced design and manufacturing concepts we provide our customers with boats in which every component is quality assured and traceable to its source. That’s a high standard to maintain but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


International Distribution and Dealer Network

A fast and reliable distribution network is an essential part of any successful multinational business because it enables customers to get products and services when they need them. GRAND’s worldwide network of Authorized Distributors and Dealers provides our customers not only with great boats and accessories but also first class sales and service backup.


Build your GRAND

Our new 3d-configurator program is an application that allows to customize our products in an interactive and instantaneous way. So, it would be possible soon to customize and visually configure any boat on-line before you go anywhere near the showroom!


Style and Practicality

We believe that in order to achieve an overall success with the design brief it is also important to combine style with practicality. Our designers pay particular attention to the ergonomics as well as the elegance of their designs, the results of which we hope our customers will really appreciate!


High Quality

Our definition of "Quality" is that the product meets not only our Customers requirements but also those set out in international standards such as International Standards EN ISO 6185, EN ISO 12217, the European Union Directive 2013/53/EU and ABYC standards. Ourinternal quality management procedures are amongst the highest in the industry so the challenge has been to achieve this at a cost that ensures good value for money. Based on the feedback we receive from our customers we seem to be doing this rather well!